Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have moved my poetry blog "the platitudes of willful resemblance" over to WordPress with a stand alone domain address... -
I am also exporting this blog to there and will now be combining the two. Thank you for your readership here and following me on WordPress is easy! There are two options...
1. in the top right column there is an option for e-mail delivery and
2. you can still follow from blogger. Just scroll down on the dashboard to where the sites are listed that you currently follow - under that is a button that says "add" - click that and insert the address of my new home - - and voila!
If you use blogger in draft - the "add" button will be at the top of your following list.

have a great, mentally stable day.

 - Jhon

Monday, July 4, 2011


night full of sounds keeping my attention burned toward all windows and doors. Fireworks last night coming from the abandoned golf course/coyote home tempting nature to blaze a fire in the tall grass. I nearly roused myself to avoid the fitful turning and secluded in my writing room to answer letters and reach out to some who do not send letters.
I'd a poem in mind which needed writing and ended as a haiku last night - but may be expanded or not. Shortened possibly.
nightmares which I instantly recall in vivid color but cannot bring myself to verbalize here or in life. I long to sleep without bad dreaming and without attention to sound.

I listened to Jesus Christ Superstar remembering when I last saw this show. After, as I stood behind a woman in a beautiful fur coat (bunny I believe) smoking a cigarette - Somehow I managed to burn several holes through the fur to resemble a smiley face - I don't know how that happened but it did, and that was the second time it happened to me. A number of people saw it but no-one said a word and all of them smiled.

I have a problem with people who don't live in the extreme north wearing fur.

I'm a hypocrite as I wear leather shoes, belt and jacket - the jacket while I am riding the m/cycle. No-one has ever thrown blood on me but I don't think I'd blame them.