Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ah, I have a follower

Pleased to meet you here, what is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing hanging out in a place like this?

- hold on while I go slightly insane.

early morning and have yet to get enough sleep - still recovering from loss and jet lag - four planes in three days. Sounds like a lot when you put it that way - we were only going one way but had to have a layover, well, you follower know this - you were there - suffering the blight that is air travel. I was searched, as always, and put a pleasant expression on my face as I was being felt up by old men while thinking  - it must be the beard. But that wouldn't explain why I always get searched - even as a child going to Disney World before I was perceived as a terrorist in the eyes of a beard hating public and Will Ferrell. This is why I stopped carrying my Mala - too many questions and looks, since my imagination is good I can perceive always having one.

WHile we are on terrorism - I fear Osama's replacements zealousness more than I feared Osama.

Peace be upon all Muslims as I am sure they are getting more hell right now.

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